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A Family Affair

Owned by Jay and Margaret Braymiller, Stillwater Farm is a small, family operation located on 32 acres in the rolling hills of Boston, New York.

We purchased the farm in 1991 and have lived there with our daughters—Leah, Molly, and Anna—ever since. In that time, we slowly rehabilitated the 200-year-old farmhouse that came with the property and worked diligently to regenerate the long-neglected land.

Today, we raise sheep and chickens for market. Our farm is also home to companion animals including horses, a donkey, some sheep who are life time residents, and potbelly pigs Eleanor Pigby and Penny Lane.


Whether they’re destined for the table or life as a family pet, we treat every animal with the care and dignity, ensuring every day they spend on the farm is a happy one.

You could say that farming and food production runs in our family. Jay grew up on a dairy learning the principles of livestock husbandry. Margaret, the granddaughter of a butcher, was raised with a deep respect for animals and the nourishment they provide. Stillwater Farm is a marriage of our experiences and values and a testament to our love of animals and the outdoors.


Our Sheep

We raise a variety of sheep, primarily Southdown, Hampshire, and Suffolk breeds prized for their mild flavor, making it a welcome option for those who prefer less gamey lamb. They are fed a healthy diet of locally milled grain, protein-rich hay, and their fill of fresh green grass when the season allows it. We treat our sheep like the sentient beings that they are, which means all of our sheep are given ample room to roam and behave as animals should. Find our lamb on the menus of Western New York's most esteemed restaurants including Marble + Rye, The Grange, Carmelo's, Ristorante Lombardo, The Dapper Goose, and many more!

Our Chickens

We raise chicken for meat and eggs. Each morning at sunrise, we open the doors to their barn, and they head outside for the day. They spend the day pecking and foraging or dustbathing and resting until dusk, when they venture back to the security of the barn for a night’s rest.


Our Values

We have a genuine reverence for the land and the animals we raise for food.


  • Our small scale ensures that our animals receive the time, care, and attention they deserve.

  • We raise them with respect for their instinctive needs.

  • They have unlimited access to pasture, allowing them freedom of movement and the ability to engage in natural behaviors.

  • They are fed local grain to supplement their pasture/hay access.

  • They enjoy gentle and humane handling for their entire time on our farm.

  • When it is time to be processed, they are sent to a USDA facility that respects our wishes for humane treatment.

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